Couple & Family Counselling

Neville Dorsey . - Counsellor

Neville has worked in the Counselling Profession since 1994 and has had extensive experience with individuals, couples and families. Neville holds a Diploma in Professional Counselling and is a Qualified Couple and Family Therapist. He is also a qualified Supervisor mentoring other Therapists, and is a Member of the  A.C.A  (Australian Counselling Association Inc.

Although Neville enjoys working with couples he is also known for working with men. His skills include - mentoring men with sexual addictions, anger and violence issues, leading successful groups for men - Breaking Addictive Behaviour Cycles.

He is able to facilitate healing and growth with people from many different backgrounds.

Success Story

I finally accepted I had a problem with anger so I sought help. Neville's counselling was insightful and life changing. I had always found it difficult to relax in the presence of other men. Insecurity and ego controlled the relational areas of my life.

Counselling taught me about my identity and enabled me to be self assured and to relax in who I really am. My wife;s words to Neville - "Thankyou he is becoming more human everyday!"


Why Make an

I have found in my experience working with couples that counselling can be a last resort for most people.Don't leave coming to counselling until it is too late. It is better to seek help early on in any relationship conflict or personal issue.

Sometimes a third party can provide objectivity and clarity when people think there is no way through their issue.


I found the Counselling to be of great benefit as I was able to deal with things that were holding me back based in my past. It was personal, effective and with lasting results. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have had this counselling and recommend it to others.